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I have a new client and send photos on their system. They are recommending pictures be 50-150 KB in size. I am no expert but I did set my camera at 2MG which has worked better for my other client of a similar type. There is also a VGA setting. Will I be OK leaving my camera at the 2MG setting and do you know what this will generate in KB on the client's side? Thanks much.

Thanks for your question on digital photo tips.
Sounds like your client is using your photos on the web since they are so small.

I do not know what camera you are using and don't know what "2MG" means.

I always shoot everything at full resolution to get the best quality from my digital camera so that I can use my photo in a variety of ways.

I then can re-size my photos if needed when I edit them.

This does require more effort and time, but I believe in always having the best possible quality photos.

Here are two useful links as well:

Resizing Pictures. Having the ability to resize pictures to share your digital photos with your friends and family is important.

You will want the highest quality and size for printing,and smaller size pictures for emailing and sharing on the web.

www.shrinkpictures.com. I found a great web site for you to use for free! This is a real simple way to reduce the size of your photos for email.

It has a browse button right on it, so you can load your digital photos from your computer and resize your pictures and save them back to your computer.

Happy Shooting
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