clothing for portraits

It's so important to choose just the right clothing for portraits.

What we wear when we pose has a huge impact on our portraits.

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Clothing tips example of mother and daughter pose

The clothing for this mother-daughter portrait matched the tones of the environment. It was simple and not distracting.

You may have heard the saying: The clothing makes the Person." I'll extend that and say: Clothing makes or breaks the portrait.  It's one of the easiest things to adjust to improve a portrait.

6 tips for portrait clothing

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Comfort is important. If your subject is wearing something that is uncomfortable or just doesn't feel right for their personality it will reflect in the expressions in the photo.

Colors should be muted. Bright and saturated colors grab our attention. We want our eyes to be drawn to the faces.

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Dark clothing has a "slenderizing" effect. Horizontal stripes have a "broadening" effect.

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Don't wear really light clothes against a really dark background.

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Avoid having the clothing of one person being different from everyone else in your group photo. They will stick out like a sore thumb.

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Yellow and pink usually overpower the face.

clothing for portraits - tips about color

Five of the first six photography tips on clothing and portraits pertain to color. These secondary portrait clothing tips are about the other things we wear:

  1. Keep the jewelry simple. It may be beautiful, but if it's big, shiny or sparkling it's distracting in your portrait.
  2. If it's a casual portrait, bare feet are better than flip-flops or sandals.
  3. Eyeglasses can often create a distortion or a glare problem. If possible get duplicate eyeglass frames without the lenses from the eye doctor.
  4. Don't use bright or large hair pieces, bows or headbands on little girls in group poses. It can be okay in individual photos, but they are another attention stealer in group portraits.

After consulting with this family, they chose black for the color of their clothing.

It gives nice separation from the background and focuses our view on their faces and not their clothing.

Black clothing chosen to be their best choice.

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