50th Wedding Anniversary Photos

I have taken photography classes and have not taken any photos yet, except photos for my own use and enjoyment.
I was asked today to take photos of a friend and her husband for their 50th Wedding Anniversary poses.

I am not sure what to include, poses, etc. Any advice for props, etc? they have a beautiful brand new brick home with beautiful landscaping with a waterfall. I have also told them they are the first ones I will have done this for and I would be happy to do it, just no promises.

She has seen the many photos I have taken and enlarged at our cabin and loves them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated for this first timer.


Thanks for your question about wedding poses. I am sure you are quite anxious to do a great job for them.

Since your happily married subjects are likely in their 70's you will likely not do the same posing as a couple in their 20's. I don't know if you are covering an event like renewal of their vows or just a portrait session of them as a couple.

I will be doing a series of articles soon on posing couples and group photos of two people, but it likely won't be done in time for your photo shoot.

Also do a Google Image search on "elderly couples" and similar words to view some samples. The web is a great source of portraits to give you some good ideas on poses.

If you have time buy a book on posing couples or on wedding or portrait photography at Amazon: Photography Books

If possible I would scout out the location at the same time of day you are to do the photography for them. I am big on taking advantage of natural lighting when shooting outside. If you can try some poses of someone on a day before you photograph them, you will learn a lot about shooting at that location.

Have fun and make it fun and relaxing for them and you will get great expressions too!

Good Luck,
Photo TipMan

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